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We are very happy to welcome you to Travel For All.

Travel For All is being created to provide information to people with accessibility needs who love to travel. You may have access needs due to age, disability, illness or accident. It may be permanent or temporary. You may have mobility, sensory or communication limitations. Whatever the reason, you need more information about tourism properties to help you plan, book and enjoy travel.

We will assist owners of travel related businesses in assessing their properties against the needs of guests who require some extra consideration.  We will help operators access this valuable and growing market. Travel for All will focus on tourist accommodation, attractions, tours and activities.

We are launching Travel For All in two stages:

Today we launch Stage 1 of Travel For All, our blog and forums.

The Travel For All Blog will bring to you stories, tips and recommendations of how to best plan, book and enjoy travel when you have some accessibility needs. Also, when we launch Stage 2 of Travel For All, the blog will also include stories from tourism operators as they share with you how their property can be accessible to you.

The Travel For All traveller forum will give you an opportunity to talk travel and accessibility. It is the place to share your experiences of travelling with accessibility needs. Let others know about the great places you have been. Share some of the disappointments too, to help others. Everyone has different needs and a place that was not great for you, could suit another person perfectly.

The Travel For All tourism owner/operator forum will give tourism operators an opportunity to ask questions, share experiences, learn more about accessibility, and find ways to let more people know about their business and the accessibility details.

The Inclusive and Accessible Travel News forum is a place to share stories you find across the internet that you think will interest others. Anything about inclusive travel.

We look forward to meeting you in the forums.

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