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Can't do what you need to do in a public toilet? You're not alone – and there's help

Most of us don't give much thought to going to the toilet. We go when we need to go. But for a small minority of people, the act of urinating or defecating can be a major source of anxiety - especially when public restrooms are the only facilities available. Paruresis (shy bladder) and parcopresis (shy bowel) are little known mental health conditions, yet they can significantly compromise a person's quality of life.
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Emotional support animals can endanger the public and make life harder for people like me who rely on service dogs

Untrained emotional support dogs don’t just attack people. They attack highly trained service dogs, as well, sometimes ending their working lives.
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Considerations When Designing Or Building Your App For People With Motor Impairments

Designing for motor impairments requires as much consideration as other disabilities but doesn’t really have a single approach that guarantees accessibility. Far from being a niche concern, visitors with some form of motor impairment likely make up a significant percentage of app users.
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Grotesque Spectacle – Rio Has a Long Way To Go To Become More Accessible

The Paralympic Games will never be a panacea for the social issues facing a host city and nation. But can they be a beginning to enabling social, cultural and environmental change? Rio is an old city, with dense areas such as the Rocinha favela. Making it accessible is no small ask.
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Study shows how Airbnb hosts discriminate against guests with disabilities as sharing economy remains in ADA gray area

AirBnB listings are not required by AirBnB to comply with discrimination laws and the experience of many guests show that hosts have many prejudices and embody stereotypes of disability.
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What's In a Travel For All Accessible Tourism Listing?

We are very close to launching the Travel For All Directory. See what is included in the tourism listings, especially the extensive accessibility information.
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How a radical form of accessibility is pushing the boundaries of theatre performance

Relaxed performance - an approach to performance that challenges what have developed as strict expectations and codes for audience and performer engagement and behaviour - is making theatre and other types of live performance like fashion shows and musical events more accessible.
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Accessibility Makes Good Business Sense for Tourism Operators

As a tourism operator you know that you can't ever be all things to all people. You also want your marketing to reach everyone in your target market - which includes many people with accessibility needs.
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Virtual zoos, museums and galleries: 14 sites with great free art and entertainment

As the coronavirus outbreak forces the closure of museums, art galleries, libraries and theatres around the word, the concept of "on demand culture" is gaining momentum. Institutions - museums, galleries and concert halls, which by their very nature rely on in-person visits - are seeking out digital solutions in the form of live-streamed performances, virtual tours and searches of online collections.
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VR technology gives new meaning to holidaying at home but is it really a substitute for travel?

As virtual reality technology improves, it creates new opportunities for travellers seeking new experiences. Participants in a virtual reality travel experience reported a sense of relaxation, similar to that gained from travel in real life.
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