Services for Travellers with accessibility needs

The services we are offering at Travel For All are about helping tourism operators provide detailed information so you have enough information to decide that yes, you can visit their property and be confident your accessibility needs will be met.

We are now promoting our services to tourism operators and over time, as they complete their accessibility assessments, the Travel For All Directory will become the heart of Travel For All. This is where you will find listings that you can filter based on your needs. We are new, so this will take time.

As directory listings are published, you are able to add comments and reviews to the listings. This is especially important if it is somewhere you have visited. Or you may just need to ask a question.

In addition to the listings, Travel For All provides forums for several groups, including for travellers with accessibility needs.

Anyone can view the forums. To participate you will need to sign up and register an account.

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