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    Hi David.

    Thanks for dropping by. We also have another site solely on Tasmania, moving to Tasmania and living in Tasmania:
    Moving To Tasmania and Living In Tasmania

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    Thanks very much for joining us here at Travel For All. Welcome to our community and I hope we can help you with any queries and you can share your travels.

    I am however not sure what you mean by supplements – do you mean travel guides; travel guide books; apps on your smart phone etc?


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    Thanks for dropping in and posting this information.
    Blatant advertising is not permitted but I will consider this an informational post especially given many people are currently wanting to relocate to safer areas of the world away from bad Covid19 situations.
    Does Canada have any criteria that restrict people based on disability? I know Australia unfortunately has a test that looks at what the Government terms significant burden which considers costs related to health, education, welfare etc and is used to reject some people with disabilities.


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    Just took a look at the article and these Bungee chairs don't seem to have anything to do with accessibility, disabilities etc.

    How do they help you? Are they related to a disability at all?

    Only asking because we aren't about general shopping but if they help with accessibility or disabilities in any way please let me know.


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    Well after a huge amount of adverse publicity, announcement of political investigations and worldwide coverage Amtrak has backed down and reversed its decision over the $25000 fee:




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