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      Dale Reardon

      This article relates to accommodation and resort benefits that are meant to be provided to elite tier members of Marriott loyalty program when staying at properties – and they are meant to be identical across the group when staying at different properties.
      The article below describes how the benefits are just not being provided in accordance with promises; properties are not being penalised for failing to provide benefits; promises are still being advertised despite no requirement to provide them etc.

      This is exactly the sort of conduct that just can't happen when dealing with accessibility and inclusion issues – if you advertise some benefit/feature; promise a certain level of service; advertise a facility at your business – then you must provide it and meet the customers expectations – after all you have helped create those expectations.
      It is important to correctly detail all your accessibility features and facilities and then deliver them as promised.

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      Before the pandemic there was no greater loyalty program with a gap between what it promised and what it delivered than Marriott Bonvoy. On paper it took the best features of Starwood Preferred Guest with the scale of properties of Marriott and merged them together. And yet the program has simply failed to deliver elite benefits consistently at the property level.
      The irony of course is that before acquiring Starwood, Marriott Rewards wasn't very generous with elites but they were consistent. The Marriott brand across the board was consistency. Now they're the Forrest Gump of loyalty: you never know what you're going to get until check-in. This have only gotten worse.
      Read more of this post:
      Article from View From The Wing regarding Marriott benefits

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