Accessibility is about facilities, information and attitude.
It is about sharing detailed information so that people can make decisions for themselves about whether a tourism property is suitable for their individual needs.
It is not about every business being accessible to every person no matter what their needs might be. Catering for their every need and desire – this is simply not possible for many reasons.


We bring detailed accessibility information to those who need to know.
We assist owners of travel-related businesses in documenting details their properties against the needs of guests who require some extra consideration.  We help you access this valuable and growing market.
Your potential guest with accessibility needs can then find the tourist accommodation and activities that suit them.
Their accessibility needs may be temporary or permanent and be related to age, disability, accident or illness. People may have mobility, sensory or communication limitations.
Travel For All is focused on tourist accommodation, attractions, tours and activities.

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We have services available for Tourism Operators
The forums are open to operators and travellers

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Travel For All has been created to assist tourism operators develop an Accessibility Statement for their business, allowing them to reach the accessible and inclusive travel market.

Using our Toolkit, owners of travel related businesses have all the information they need to create their Accessibility Statement step-by-step.

We help you access a loyal, valuable and growing market.

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Travel For All has also been created to provide information to people with accessibility needs who love to travel.

This includes people with disabilities, the elderly and others with mobility, sensory or communication limitations, plus their travel companions.

These people will find the information they need in the Accessibility Statements of tourism operators.

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Travel for All currently focuses on tourist accommodation, attractions, tours and experiences. 

Events, Food & Drink and other travel services will be added in the coming months.

We are an Australian company, operating globally.

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Founder and CEO
Pictured with his seeing eye dog Charlie


Travel For All has been founded by Dale and Jo Reardon. Dale's seeing eye dog Charlie is our proud mascot.

Together we love to travel in Australia and also overseas (without Charlie). We know the frustrations and obstacles that can be faced when searching for accommodation and tourism services for someone with specific access needs. We know that many people experience much more difficulty than us.

We want to make it easy for operators to share the accessible amenities of their property, and for those who need this information to be able to find it easily. Both parties are then so much better off.

Our vision is for equality in tourism for people with accessibility needs, whether through age, disability, accident or illness. We want planning, booking and experiencing  travel to be simple and straightforward for everyone, even if you have accessibility needs.

We want to get this right for you, so please contact us if you have any suggestions as we develop Travel For All.


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